I'm afraid I haven't gotten most of these pages CSSed up, or the worthwhile content removed from its course-based contexts.


Work I did for the computer graphics course here, mostly OpenGL stuff.

Immersive panoramic environment

You can read about my travails in trying to do motion extraction and image-based rendering from very high-resolution immersive stereoscopic image data. But you can't see the code. You wouldn't want to, believe me.

Image-based rendering

My earliest foray into image-based rendering, using the Visible Human data set.

Procedural texturing

A toolbox for procedural texturing, with examples, like a kiwi fruit.

Distributed rendering

A web-based distributed renderer in Java. (Cross-listed under Development > Distributed > Web-based rendering.)


By the way, I've also done some creative work with graphics. Well, I think it's creative. Let me put it this way: I created it.